Piano lessons in a positive learning environment!

About Piano Lessons

April’s Piano Studio is for:

aprilspianostudio-star Ages 5-12

aprilspianostudio-star Beginning – Early Advanced Levels

Weekly lessons are available for:

aprilspianostudio-star 30 minutes

aprilspianostudio-star 45 minutes

aprilspianostudio-star 60 minutes

Studio hours:

aprilspianostudio-star Monday – Thursday 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

aprilspianostudio-star All lessons are scheduled.

At April’s Piano Studio, lessons include…

aprilspianostudio-star Learning a variety of familiar and fun pieces.

aprilspianostudio-star Learning about famous composers.

aprilspianostudio-star Fun musical listening activities

aprilspianostudio-star Fun musical drawing and theory activities

aprilspianostudio-star Playing fun musical games

aprilspianostudio-star Several optional recitals each year

 Giving kids the “keys” to succeed!

The studio’s goal is to provide a positive learning environment where each student can be expressive, creative, imaginative, and highly involved in his/her learning process. Students enjoy learning popular children’s songs and other fun seasonal music throughout the year.

Students learn how to read, understand, and appreciate music, and they gain important life and academic skills as they study piano. Life skills include diligence, patience, positive thinking, and commitment. Piano lessons have been scientifically proven to positively influence reading and math skills, among other academic areas. Also, the student’s self-esteem is increased and self-worth affirmed as they learn to play the piano and are supported by teacher and family.


All students interested in lessons must schedule an interview. It is a short intro to the piano to evaluate whether the student is ready for formal lessons. The interview is $20 and lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. If all parties agree to lessons, the paperwork will be filled out and the Registration & Materials Fee will be given to save the student’s lesson slot.  Call or e-mail to schedule an evaluation. Payment may be submitted in check or cash form.